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The Wonders Of Social Media

Social media is one of the fastest growing communication channels of the present era. It has expanded to every corner of the world with more and more people indulging in its various forms. Social Media basically means giving out information about yourself or others in the form of texts, videos or photos to the public via indirect contact i.e. online. Social media is known for connecting people both far and near, making it feel like distance is just a word. Social media is not something which is a single thing but it composes of a network of sites, which are independent of each other. For example- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are all social networking sites which have different primary uses but the same outcome, which is, sharing your life and expressing your opinions in front of a bunch of people.

Listed below are some of the reasons why social media is gaining fast popularity.

Connectivity- Social Media is most opted by people who go on frequent transfers as they leave behind some very important and special people. Social media helps them to reconnect no matter how far the distance is. People can still be a part of each other's lives via social media.

A variety of Options- Social media gives one a variety of options on how to express themselves. It can be done in the form of videos, photos, messages, live chatting and much more. This appeals to the user and makes it more entertaining due to new exciting features which get updated almost every day. Some of these features include emoticons, emojis, stickers, voice recordings and even some filters which can apply dog, bunny ears to your face or put and angels halo or a flower crown on your head!. These features allow the user to make the most out of their experiences on social media. There are even ancilliary applications that allows you to automatically increase likes to further enhance your popularity online.

Entertainment- Many people view Social media as a platform for entertainment. Be it music, art, dance, theatricals or even risk taking stunts, people love showcasing their talents on social media as it gives them a scope for expanding. Certain Social Media like YouTube pays people upon getting popular by posting videos talents. On sites like YouTube, you can find videos related to anything and everything. People can also debate on various topics via social media. It helps people voice their opinion and come out of their shell.

Business- Many business people often take to social media to advertise themselves. This way, their ideas can be broadcasted over a wide range of people. People seek to exploit their businesses with the help of hundreds and thousands of users. Their views, tweets, opinions matter a lot as business companies can make huge deals and profits based off of them. Social Media is also used to recruit people for various jobs and posts. It has proven to be quite effective over the past few years. Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest are examples of such sites.

Trends- Social Media provokes so many new trends that come into action every day. Most of them are challenges which are done by millions of people across the globe. For example- The ‘Ice Bucket’ challenge was such a hit that even celebrities could not stop themselves from doing it. The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ has been the greatest hit trend of this year with the highest number of people doing it. There are many such famous challenges and trends such as the ‘Andy is coming’ challenge and the ‘Chubby bunny’ challenge.

Creating awareness- Social Media’s best feature is the awareness it instills in people's minds.  Many users give support for the hottest and newest topics which include sensitive things. Many hashtags are the outcomes of support from an overwhelmingly large number of people. For example, the most recent hashtags are ‘#blacklivesmatter’, ‘#alllivesmatter’, ‘#supportgaypride’, ‘#notallmen’ etc. Topics on Social Media create a large amount of influence on all types of people, belonging to different age groups, different castes, different colors and different generations.

Joke’s on you!- Over the past year, new features have been introduced to social media which can make even the sternest people burst out laughing. They are called ‘GIFs’ and ‘Memes’. They are made by people with a high sense of sarcasm which delights other people. Almost every single user acknowledges and uses these GIFs and Memes. Social Media is thus a platform where you can show your weirdest talents, even it is being funny and sarcastic and yet you can get a wide range of acceptance and become popular really fast.

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